Why CSU?

At Colorado State, we are dedicated to helping you hone your talents, drive, and goals into marketable, in-demand, professional skills to accelerate job opportunities and your transition into a sustainable career.

You will find a culture of respect and inclusion for veterans on our campus, and you could benefit from the extremely generous privately-funded scholarships for veterans and family members. We are a world-class research university and we understands the value veterans bring to the classroom through life experience, maturity, and outstanding work ethic. We have numerous programs and offices on campus who have partnered with student-veterans, faculty, and staff to create a culture of respect and campus immersion that includes:

  • Financial guidance and counseling, including bridging any GI Tuition Assistance Bill funding gaps
  • Camaraderie and social opportunities
  • Womens’ Veteran Initiative providing opportunities and activities for female student-veterans
  • Layers of support and teamwork throughout the education process
  • Outstanding career counseling and placement services
  • Individualized programs that address physical, mental, and emotional challenges