Monday, July 17, 2023 – Friday, August 11, 2023
4 Weeks of In-Person Instruction
M-F 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Deadline to Apply is Monday, July 10, 2023 by 12:00 PM MST

ELEVATE is the ALVS’ Summer Bridge Program designed to ease nontraditional students’ transition into Colorado State University (CSU) by providing academic support through Math & English/Comp instruction, social engagement opportunities, and introduction to campus resources needed to be successful on CSU’s campus.


Elevate has an academic focus on preparing students for the following courses:

  • MATH 100-Level courses
  • ENGL/COMP 150 or 130

This is a 0 Credit preparation opportunity.


Elevate participants will have access to a Peer Advisor and weekly pre-planned social engagements.

Previous social engagements have consisted of: 

  • Local scavenger hunt 
  • Brewery Tour
  • Hike the ‘A’
  • Rec Center Visit
  • CliftonStrengths (formally known as StrengthsQuest) Workshops
  • Graduation


  • A monetary award for completing the program: $1,500.
  • On-Campus parking for the duration of the program.

Meet our Instructors

KYLE SALOIS: Math Instructor


My name is Kyle Salois, and I am a rising 5th year graduate student in mathematics! My research is in combinatorics, which means that I answer questions of the form “How many ways are there to…”. In particular, I’m focusing on symmetric functions, which are multivariate functions that don’t change if their variables are permuted with each other, and the combinatorics of these functions mirror structures seen in Algebraic Geometry and Representation Theory. In my teaching, I’ve primarily been working with MATH 155, Calculus for the Biological Sciences, and I enjoy convincing folks in a wide variety of research areas that (a) they can do math and (b) math can be applicable to what they’re studying.
Outside of the math world, I split my time between biking on the gorgeous trails around Fort Collins, playing a lot of board games with friends, and enjoying music / singing – I’m in one of the a cappella groups on campus!

VIRGINIA CHAFFEE: Writing Instructor

Virginia Chaffee is a Senior Instructor in the English Department and has taught at CSU since 2013. She began teaching in the Elevate program in 2017. Currently, she also serves as a First-Year Composition Specialist in the English Department, training and supporting the GTAs who teach first-year composition. She earned her master’s degree in Teaching Writing from Humboldt State University in 2010 and her bachelor’s degree in English Education from Missouri State University in 2004. As a first-generation college student and Army veteran, Virginia also strives to support learners of all capacities and experiences in their education journey as she has experienced how unique and varied those experiences can be. She has three daughters, loves anything related to the great outdoors, and spends her free time in the garden or chasing after her kids.

Who is eligible to participate?

Incoming nontraditional students wanting prepare for their math and english/composition courses.This includes, but is not limited to Adult Learners, Student Veterans, and Student Parents.



COVID-19 Regulations:

We will be following CSU’s Pandemic Response Team’s guidance.

Interested in participating in Elevate?

Applications are open for Elevate 2023!


Email Brianna Ridenour @ brianna.ridenour@colostate.edu

“ELEVATE helped me to feel more comfortable around campus and gave me a really good support system/friend group going into Fall semester. I realized that I haven’t forgotten everything and that I’ll be okay.” 

Lauren H., ELEVATE 2021


“I personally loved Elevate and found it immensely beneficial in getting acclimated to CSU. It helped in meeting new people, understanding what the classes would be like, as well as helped me understand how to get around campus.

Ryan H., ELEVATE 2018