Student Groups

Colorado State University has a very diverse array of student groups and organizations, which each student has the opportunity to be a part of. The goal of each student organization is to help students feel comfortable and really personalize the CSU experience. The goal of ALVS is to help each student find their niche at such a large university.

Pinnacle Non-traditional Honor Society

Pinnacle is an academic honor society which recognizes non-traditional students. The national charter has over 150 chapter members on more than 175 campuses nationwide. Colorado State has established a charter of Pinnacle for CSU non-traditional students. Some of the benefits for CSU non-traditional students include a scholarship, exclusively for adult learners and non-traditional students, and the opportunity to graduate, recognized as an academically excellent non-traditional student.

SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society

SALUTE is the only active honor society, who recognizes the academic excellence of military veterans, and it was founded right here at the ALVS office, through CSU, one of the reasons Colorado State is recognized as one of the most military-friendly schools in the country. The goal for SALUTE is to recognize service to our country, and celebrate dedication to an education, and academic excellence.

Student Veterans Organization

The Student Veterans Organization, is a local chapter of a nation organization, much like Pinnacle and SALUTE. The mission of the national organization is to help veterans pursuing higher education with the resources needed to succeed academically and after graduation. The local chapter of the SVO aims to advocate for veteran students at CSU and is a key contributor to events at CSU such as the Veterans Day 5K race, and other festivities organized to recognize veterans on-campus.

ALVS Advisory Board

The ALVS Advisory Board was created in order to ensure the needs of adult learners and veteran students continue to be met. The advisory board is comprised of ALVS staff along with students who use ALVS as a resource. If you are an adult learner or veteran, and you use the ALVS as a resource, you are eligible to serve on the advisory board.

Associated Students of CSU

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ASCSU is the student government organization at CSU. They are responsible for the allocation of student fees and implementing policies which directly affects the students of CSU. The ALVS wants to have a voice within ASCSU to ensure the veteran and adult learner population has lobbying power within our student government.