Our PAVE (Peer Advisors for Veteran Education) and PAAL (Peer Advisors for Adult Learners) are here to help you with any problems you may have! Need to be connected to a resource here on campus? Contact an Advisor! Need some info about Fort Collins? Contact an Advisor! Want to create a more inclusive community? Contact an Advisor! Whatever you may need, our Peer Advisors are here to help with a cup of free coffee.


Phillip Gonzales - PAAL



Hi! My name is Phillip Gonzales and I am a Mechanical Engineering student finishing my senior year at CSU. Originally from California, I came out to Colorado for the mountains and winter sports. as a kid, I grew up in the projects and started working at an early age. School has been a long endeavor and I am happy to say I am going to make it. As a non-traditional student, I've spent many years in and out of school trying to better myself while keeping a roof over my head. I have worked in industry with robotic companies and a variety of aftermarket automotive companies designing drivetrain and suspension components.

During my time here on campus, I have created a new student organization, Aggies Offroad Racing and Development (AORD), with our Associate Senator, Alex Jones. As President and founder, the organization was established to teach students about manufacturing and motorsports which revolves around offroad vehicles. AORD contains CSU's Baja SAE Team, which competes annually in the Baja SAE Collegiate Series.  


Carmen Shumate - PAAL


Hello! My name is Carmen Shumate, and I am majoring in Biology with a focus in Anatomy/Zoology for my Bachelor's Degree. I am Adult Learner, as well as the spouse of an OIF Veteran. My husband and I moved to Colorado in 2011, and We love it! We have two children, as well as an English Mastiff. We are originally from Virginia, and spent almost five years in Kentucky, where our first child, Shaylee, was born. Our second, Xavier, was born here in Colorado.

My goal is to lend support to fellow Adult Learners, and help pave the way to success. I have thouroughly enjoyed becoming a part of ALVS, and look forward to all the great memories we will make together! The plan is to apply to the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences for my DVM and Master's in Business.