Our Peer Advisors are here to help you with any problems you may have! Need to be connected to a resource here on campus? Contact an Advisor! Need some info about Fort Collins? Contact an Advisor! Want to create a more inclusive community? Contact an Advisor! Whatever you may need, our Peer Advisors are here to help with a cup of free coffee.




Daniel Denison


I'm a senior biology student originally from Arlington, Texas. I attended the ELEVATE program that ALVS started last year to assist me in my preparations for school. Between that program and my wife helping with the children while I did homework, I had an awesome semester! My interests include fishing, shooting guns and bows, spending time with my family, and hanging out with my dog!


Kerry Keena


I am currently in my fourth year as a social work major at CSU and am planning to continue to graduate school to get my MSW. My long-term goal is to become a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) working in the field of mental health. I am an honor student here at CSU, as a member of both the Phi Alpha Honor Society for social work and Pinnacle Honor Society through ALVS for non-traditional students. I have an 11yr old son who continues to make me proud and is one of my biggest motivators. I also have a passion for music (I originally went to college straight out of high-school on a scholarship for classical piano). At this point, I continue to play for my own enjoyment and love to do accompaniment work for other musicians. As someone who identifies as a non-traditional student, I know just how overwhelming and challenging it can be to transition to a new school and how overwhelming it can be when balancing life’s challenges and academic pressure. I chose to be a peer advisor because I am a very compassionate person who genuinely cares about helping others. I am happy to help any way I can and will gladly go out of my way to help students be successful in achieving their academic and life goals while at CSU. 


Jonathan Saam


I am an outstanding, hardworking, and intelligent individual who is balancing school and work to help myself get ahead after being medically retired from the United States Army. Before the military, I spent most of my younger years running around in the backwoods of Michigan hunting and fishing. After fishing high school I was not sure what I want to do in life so I went straight into the job market. Once I ended up figuring out what carrier would best suit me for the rest of my life I went to culinary school; it took me a total of four years to earn my first three associate degrees. Before finishing culinary school I enlisted in the United States Army as a 92G (food specialist). I spent only four years serving my country because I was forced into retirement because of injuries that accrued overseas. Shortly after leaving the military I went back to school getting my forth-associate degree and getting accepted to Colorado State University. I have spent the past three years here at the university, which has been a great time. In the fall I will be applying to several different grad schools to see if I can further my knowledge and become qualified to teach at a higher education platform. 


Marie Russell



Hi, my name is Marie and I am a mother, student, and member of the Army National Guard. I am a psychology major with plans to attend the Master's program in OT in 2019. I came to ALVS for the coffee and stayed for the community. Now I am involved as a Peer advisor with the office to help you connect with the community and resources!


Tracy Close



I am currently a graduate student in the Counseling and Career Development Master's program at CSU. In the future, I hope to work as a counselor to college students. I have worked in ALVS since I transferred to CSU from Front Range Community College in 2014. I think our office provides a space where people can find community, camaraderie, and help with whatever problems they encounter. I love working here and really value all of our students because they inspire me every day. 



Jasmin Jackson




I am a second bachelor's degree candidate in equine science at CSU and I received my first degree from the College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Environmental Biology. After I graduate in May I plan to pursue a Master's in Biomedical Sciences or Toxicology here at CSU. I am also the service chair for Gamma Beta Phi, an honors fraternity, and Alpha Phi Omega, a service organization here on campus. I also enjoy knitting, crocheting, and embroidering, as well as hiking, biking, horseback riding (although I cant afford it), petting all animals (I hope to be a veterinarian), and eating. I fully believe that food is life. As a PMSAC representative for the ALVS, I hope to make aware the cultural concerns of the students in our community to our diversity administrations. We also discuss events happening on campus and nationally that may be of concern for the students on our campus.