Adult Learner & Veteran Services (ALVS) supports increased academic achievement and holistic development for all Adult Learners, including but not limited to Student Veterans and Student Parents, resulting in graduation from Colorado State University and sustainable personal and professional success. We do this in part through our Peer Advising programs.


The Peer Advisor program will work directly with Adult Learners here at CSU. They are responsible for providing informal support to Adult Learners to increase engagement, community building, resource facilitation, leadership opportunities, and awareness of CSU resources. Peer Advisors are existing students who have experience and knowledge of the campus and its resources. The Peer Advisor will act within a range of confidentiality and have the best interest of the student in mind at all times. They report directly to the ALVS Coordinator of Student Engagement Initiatives.


If you are interested in being paired with a Peer Advisor to facilitate your experience at CSU, contact Jenny Duong at with your concerns.


Check out our Peer Advisors here.